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Welcome to BM Joinery, Stockport's leading flat roof specialists covering all areas including Marple, Bramhall, Poynton, Wilmslow and many more. With many years experience in the flat roof industry BM Joinery can rectify, renew or replace any flat roof. Based in Stockport our fully trained roof technicians will take care of your roofing requirements discussing any work you may need on your roof from leaks or damage to full renewals installing the latest GRP Fibreglass roofing products. With a proven track record BM Joinery come highly recommended by our customers and should you need to see any of our previous work just ask.

Did you know our work is guaranteed for 20 YEARS !
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Modern timber roofs are mostly framed with pairs of common rafters or prefabricated wooden trusses fastened together with truss connector plates. Timber framed and historic buildings may be framed with principal rafters or timber roof trusses. Roofs are also designated as warm or cold roof depending on how they are designed and built with regard to thermal building insulation and ventilation. The steepness or roof pitch of a sloped roof is determined primarily by the roof covering material and aesthetic design. Flat roofs actually slope up to approximately ten degrees to shed water. Flat roofs on houses are primarily found in arid regions.

In high wind areas, such as where a cyclone or hurricane may make landfall, the main engineering consideration is to hold the roof down during severe storms. Every component of the roof, as of course the rest of the structure, has to withstand the uplift forces of high wind speeds. This is accomplished by using metal ties fastened to each rafter or truss. This is not normally a problem in areas not prone to high wind.

In the UK, a concrete tiled roof would normally have rafters at 600mm centers, roof battens at 300mm centers and ceiling joists at 400mm centers. The United States still uses imperial units of measurement and framing members are typically spaced sixteen or twenty-four inches apart.

The roof framing may be interrupted for openings such as a chimney or skylight. Chimneys are typically built with a water diverter known as a cricket or saddle above the chimney. Flashing is used to seal the gap between the chimney and roofing material.

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We specialise in GRP Fibreglass roofing, using the very best products on the market. One of the best products is 'Cure It'.

The Cure It roofing system is the proven solution to almost any flat roofing problem. Unlike most other waterproofing systems, Cure It is formed in situ on the roof deck to create a solid, single-ply, fully bonded waterproofing membrane over the entire roof without any seams joints or welds.

Cure It is a hard wearing structural waterproofing system which cannot be cut with a knife, won't deteriorate under UV light or extreme heat and will tolerate foot traffic.

The system comes complete with a 20 year guarantee on the materials from the manufacturer and a guarantee from the installer that the roof will remain leak free for at least 20 years. As recent studies have shown, some of the earliest GRP roofs laid more than thirty years ago are still in service today.

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roofing grp fibreglass in stockport bm joinery